See the top 50 foodie capitals of the world at a glance

Travel and food go hand in hand, and one of the best things about a taking a trip to a new city is getting the chance to explore the incredible local and international cuisine on offer. With that in mind, a new study has revealed the top “foodie capitals” of the world, looking at what destinations offer the most variety of international cuisines, and which establishments are the top rated in each category.

Large variety of spanish tapas shot from above on white background. The composition includes spanish tortilla, pickles, cheese, chorizo, bread, peanuts, pistachios, salami, prosciutto, jalapeño peppers, anchovies and others. DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM

New York and London came out on top as the top cities for diverse cuisines. Image by fcafotodigital

Released by Bott and Co, the study looked at Google maps data in the world’s largest cities to discover which places offer the highest number of different cuisines. An interactive map was then created that allows food lovers to explore specific establishments in 50 destinations across the globe. In one click, it is possible to discover the top-rated restaurants for each cuisine, get directions, read reviews and even book a table.

Click on the map below to “eat around the world” without even leaving your city.

Created by Bott and Co (view the full interactive)

New York (94 national cuisines) and London (89 national cuisines) lead the pack as the world’s foodie capitals, followed by Toronto, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Melbourne, Dubai, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The map is colour-coded, and breaks down the  number of international cuisines according to continent.

“People often plan their trip around the places they eat, often booking restaurants before they even arrive in the city. We were curious to determine which of the world’s cities can offer the most diverse culinary adventure. Foodie travellers see food and drink as more than a meal, it’s a fundamental part of their overall traveling experience,” Georgina English of Bott and Co told Lonely Planet Travel News.

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