What drinking in the 14-room, pink AF Rosé Mansion is really like

I see a pink glow from a building on the corner of 39th Street and Fifth Ave, and I know I’m in the right place.

Rosé Mansion, I have arrived.

When you walk into the all-immersive, two-floor, 14-room venue, you immediately know what the theme is: everyone’s favorite pink wine. The seasonal pop-up at 445 Fifth Ave, running until October 7th, is part of a growing trend of Insta-baiting dollhouses, where $35-$45 will get you eight wine samples, a wine glass and endless likable pics. The entire ground floor is decked out with bright-pink everything—including fun typographic murals from local artists, corner photo booths and even pink sand (!). There’s also a full rosé cash bar (the self-declared largest in the country) which rotates the 120 different wines it serves each hour, so you get to try them all. 

Photograph: Courtesy Rosé Mansion

The tour starts upstairs where you can wander through the themed rooms, eight of which include tastings of rosé from countries like France, Spain, Italy and South Africa. The first room is painted starch white, and invites users to put stickers of purple grapes all over the room. This filter-friendly theme doesn’t quit, with vino sights and sounds and smells in each space—from a colorful scratch-and-sniff wall to an actual chandelier you can swing on and live out your true Sia “Chandelier” moment. 

Photograph: Aashna Shah

But things get a little more geeky at the rosé blending lab, where users can fill out a guide indicating what parts of their wine they enjoy best, and take a sip of their own blended concoction. The erudite staff teaches you about different parts of your palette and how they translate into what you prefer in your glass. Throughout the tour, I was constantly learning about the history, science and creation of rosé. Once you’ve made it through all the rooms, you’re free to wander the space, and take any last minute Instas you think you might need—all with a glass of the pink stuff in hand.

Photograph: Aashna Shah

Photograph: Aashna Shah

Photograph: Aashna Shah

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