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The Best Racial Sensitivity Training is Public Exposure


Arabella Juniper Torres (Dubbed “Doorway Debbie”) calls the cops on a woman for waiting for an Uber
Torres’ facebook

Arabella Juniper Torres of Brooklyn, New York is being dubbed “Doorway Debbie” after another incident of 911 being called on an African American without a criminal act occurring. Darsell Obregon was allegedly waiting for her uber under the overhang of an apartment building for not more than 3 minutes when Arabella Juniper Torres, who apparently calls herself Yung Savage on Facebook, decided to call the cops. Once Darsell’s Uber arrived Torres continued to harass her and threatened the Uber driver that the cops were on their way. Some viewers commented that they suspected Torres was on some sort of controlled substance in the video. The incident occurred near the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. Arabella Torres claims to be affiliated with Hunter College and described herself as a “raging conservative” who defended the institution after one of its several scandals involving antisemitism or racism displayed by professors. Hunter College is located in the Lenox Hill area within the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City.

Arabella Juniper Torres

These incidents of the police being called on people for mundane activities brings up the question of how to handle racism. One of the most effective solutions deals with how Darsell handled the situation. She took out her phone and recorded the incident. Exposing racism to the public seems to be a very effective way of dealing with the issue. Some detractors will say its “public shaming” but here’s why it is not; call this public shaming ignores the fact that many of these people calling the police knew they were on camera yet still acted in a reprehensible manner. The perpetrators of these racist displays made a decision to commit them while the cameras were on. Often times as was the case where the woman who called the police on a child selling bottled water, Permit Patty, these people dislike the backlash they receive. The reason why exposure is so important though is because it makes people of color aware of how to avoid people who might mean them harm. So they know to avoid people like Arabella Juniper Torres.

Arabella Juniper Torres

Torres has every right to hold racist beliefs. She can be racist abashedly but she should not complain backlash, accept the backlash. It is time to accept the consequences that come with the public knowing your beliefs which she willfully displayed on camera. Public exposure in this sense is more effective than any racial sensitivity training or class because taking a class allows one to hide from the impact of their racist behavior. Torres can not hide from this, she will live with these videos being up of her for a very long time.

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