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Three people got struck by lightning in NYC during last night’s insane thunderstorm


If you were out and about last night, there’s a good chance you got stuck in the mildly apocalyptic thunderstorm that descended on the city a little after 7pm. After a day of muggy heat, the intense storm system rolled into the tri-state area, bringing with it an usual amount of lightning. I, for one, was running in East River Park and about five minutes after the first crash of thunder, the waterfront promenade looked more like the inside of a plasma globe. (I was running very fast.)

New Yorkers’ social media accounts were soon flooded with photos and videos of the shocking storm with dramatic bursts of lightning hitting many city landmarks. The weather event also created flash flooding situations in parts of the city and downed trees.

Three people were struck by lightning in the five boroughs (none of them fatally, thankfully) including two soccer players in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and a third man on the corner of Baisley Boulevard and 155th Street.

Another day of high temperatures and humidity is expected in the city today and there’s a chance for more storms tonight as a cold front works its way through the region. As a reminder, it’s recommended that when New Yorkers hear thunder they should immediately seek shelter, get away from water, definitely don’t stand under trees and avoid open areas.

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