This Danish island has a historical cottage with a seaweed roof that you can rent or buy

Visitors interested in experiencing an authentic slice of Danish history are curious about a beautiful and quirky Airbnb on the island of Læsø, a small body of land in the north of the country. Called Andrine’s House, the conserved cottage was built in 1780, and features a thatched roof made out of local seaweed.

Andrine’s House dates back to 1780. Image by Lars Gundernse / Adam Schnack

The distinctive roof is made from a type of seaweed called eel grass, due to the fact that the island had little resources at the original time of construction. The material used to be collected on the beach by locals and was woven into roofing to keep rain out. Because of its historical significance, Andrine’s House has a specific set of conservation rules, and recently underwent a renovation which saw 32 tonnes of new seagrass being installed. Following that, the property appeared on Airbnb, and is now open to guests to rent.

The cosy cottage is available to rent or buy following extensive renovation. Image by Pernille Ullersted

A stay at the property sees guests getting back to basics, with a rustic interior and simple furnishings. The roof is visible from the inside, and visitors have access to the whole house as well as the garden, which has a barbecue and seating area. The house is located a short distance to both a beach and a forest, and in the morning guests can buy fresh crabs, clams, lobsters and fish directly from fishermen in Østerby Havn to cook at home. Læsø is accessed via ferry or by air taxi, and bicycles can be rented on the island.

The property’s roof is made from local seaweed that has been woven together. Image by Lars Gundernse / Adam Schnack

Andrine’s House has six rooms (two bedrooms and one bathroom) and costs on average of 1950 Danish Krone per night (€260). The property is also up for sale (in case any guests fall in love with it) for 2,648,000 Danish Krone (€355,354).

“We get a lot of funny comments about how the house should ‘get a haircut’, but it is a part of the look and because of the conservation rules, it must look like this. Supposedly it will last for at least 100 years and should be very good in terms of insulation. Besides that, any owner can expect a home full of historical character and a charming façade. Læsø is becoming more popular than ever, especially for foodies and young families, so there are many opportunities during a vacation there.” Sascha Ørbekker of Adam Schnack properties told Lonely Planet Travel News.

More information on booking the property is available on Airbnb, while information on purchasing it is available at the Adam Schnack properties website.

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