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Orrin Hatch Defends Trump By Lambasting ‘Slam-Bang’ NYC: Gothamist


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  • The Times reports that Betsy DeVos, someone who is wildly unqualified for her job, is considering whether to allow states to use federal funding to purchase guns for educators.
  • David Simon talks about his accidental career in TV in an interview with the New York Review Of Books.
  • Hugh Laurie will star in Armando Iannucci’s next HBO show (which is a space comedy).
  • On behalf of NYC, fuck you Orrin Hatch: “I think most people in this country realize that Donald Trump comes from a different world. He comes from New York City, he comes from a slam-bang, difficult world. It is amazing he is as good as he is. If anything, you have to give him plaudits for the way he has run the country as president.”
  • The White House has been using a woman’s murder to drum up anti-immigrant sentiments.
  • Allegations that Richard Nixon beat his wife, Pat Nixon, have circulated for decades.
  • Trump embraced his inner mafioso, telling propagandist outlet Fox News that flipping is dishonorable and is so unfair it “almost ought to be outlawed.”
  • Back in my day, you worked at a swimming pool or local book store as a summer job—nowadays, teens post Instagram sponsored content.
  • The Cut has a long piece on what it’s like to be black and work in fashion.
  • Headline of the day, courtesy of the Washington Post: “A Sloth Risks Its Life Every Time It Poops. Watch The Harrowing Act For Yourself.”
  • Steve Jobs apparently comes across as a vicious jerk in his daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs memoir.
  • And finally, for some, nothing is more exciting than going to the grocery store:

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