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In modern times wedding invitations have changed a lot. They are no longer boring pieces of card bearing some text. Many people now choose to style their invites with the weddings actual theme. Here are some popular themes for you to consider.

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  1. Love heart Theme

The classic love heart theme is still very popular among couples today. Some popular designs include having hearts in each corner or an entire border made of love hearts.

2. Roses and Rose Petals

Roses are a symbol of love and they are common place on many designs. Many couples choose a design with some scattered petals in the corner or around the border. A good option is to go for some rose designs on top of an old fashioned style script paper to give it a contrast of modern and classic. This can be a really powerful design coupled together with a script font to add to the effect.

3. Black and White Invite

Black and White invitations always look very formal and are a popular choice for wedding invites. A good idea is to have the card half whit and half black. You can then have your text in opposite colours and change it over when the background changes. For example having white text over a black background on the left and then changing the text to black as it crosses the white background. This is a really effective design and stands out as elegant and important.

4. Hot Pink Gerbera Daisy Invitations

Gerbera daisy invitations are an increasingly popular design especially in hot pink. This is a very popular wedding flower in general and it is making its way onto more and more and wedding cards. Many couples go for the flowers bordering the invitation or simply placed in one corner of the invite. If hot pink gerbera daisies are your favourite flower, then this is certainly the invite for you.

5. Butterfly Wedding Invitations

One of the most popular themes for weddings is Butterflies. So it is no surprise that one of the most popular themes for wedding invitations are in fact butterflies. The great thing about butterflies is that you can also get so many other butterfly themed decorations for your big day. There are choices of hundreds of wedding favors that are butterfly orientated so with matching wedding invitations you can really capture the theme and set the tone of your wedding day.

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