New York’s JFK Airport unveils virtual reality suite

Flight delays can be stressful, and knowing the boredom and frustration that comes with having to spend unplanned hours waiting, airports around the world have begun rolling out more and more unique experiences and facilities to keep travellers entertained. The latest offering is no exception, as visitors passing through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport can now be swept away to alternative worlds with a virtual reality experience that has just been unveiled.

A visitor to JFK Airport tries Periscape VR. Image by Michael Zorn

Located in Terminal 4, the Periscape VR Experience Center is a ground-breaking entertainment system targeting guests with three to four hours of dwell time. Visitors are greeted by brand ambassadors who help them decide which experiences they might enjoy the most, with play times ranging from ten minutes to one hour. The experience can be paid for with the swipe of a credit card, before guests don headsets that display colourful diagrams that explain the whole process. The facility includes areas for visitors to store their personal belongings while they are taking part in the experiences.

The center includes games and experiences that range from ten minutes to one hour. Image by Michael Zorn

Games and experiences available at the suite include Beat Saber, a VR game where the goal is to slash beats that fit perfectly to handcrafted music, The Blu, which sees guests being transported to an underwater world and coming face to face with some of the most awe-inspiring species on the planet, and Longbow, an archery game where guests shoot different targets.

Guests can pick from different games and experiences. Image by Michael Zorn

“Airports can often be stressful and boring. Periscape VR changes the traveller’s experience to a fun and joyful one. We hope to provide this to passengers around the world. People passing through from everywhere put on a VR headset and instantly begin to smile. They describe their experiences as euphoric, blissful and the most fun they have ever had in an airport. There is a saying that you never forget your first time in VR. I feel so much joy when I look around Periscape and see so many happy people,” Lynn Rosenthal of Periscape VR told Lonely Planet Travel News.

More information on the Periscape VR Experience Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport is available at the company’s website.

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