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Things you should NOT do when travelling to New York


Trips to New York are like loafs of bread, they are always on the table. The city is one of the favorite destinations around the globe. Recently, the offer of holiday rentals in New York has risen, to the extent of becoming the city with more hotels and apartments to rent during vacation.

When we start planning our trip, some forget about the comments or reviews from other travelers in websites such as TripAdvisor. This results in tourists making the same mistakes over and over. It’s a vicious circle. These mistakes when travelling to New York, can be summarized in the following (even do we are sure you can find some more):

1. Times Square is overrated (don’t even think about staying there)

We know Times Square can sound appealing but with a couple of hours you’ll have more than enough. It will all depend on the type of traveler you are made of, but staying more than two hours in Times Square, sweaty and squashed by millions of people might not be the best idea. And don’t even get us started with the crazy idea of staying right near the Square. Simply CRAZY!

2. Shopping in the most crowded mall

A shopping afternoon in SoHo is the worst idea if you are visiting New York. This big city is packed with locals and tourist, so the aim should be finding places where you avoid the crowd. Also, some of these tourists might have the wrong conception: New York is all about shopping and fast food. Well, it isn’t! Try exploring other facets of the city. And if you must go shopping, don’t even think about going to SoHo.

3. Going up the Empire State building

One of the most attractive sites. Practically all visitors dream about going up the Empire State building. What they probably don’t know is that they can enjoy the best views without those long queues that surround the Empire State. How? Going up the skyscraper Rockefeller Plaza and admiring the city through the Top of the Rock Observatory.

4. Not visiting Brooklyn or Queens

It’s a must. A walk through Williamsburg is nearly mandatory, its ortodox community is definitely something.

5. Only visiting Manhattan

There are still some people that New York is just Manhattan: Times Square, the 5th avenue…In any case, the best is visiting all Manhattan’s neighborhoods, not just the touristy ones. We are talking about visiting areas like Lower East Side that still conserve that authentic charm from the first Manhattan residents. And if you decide to stay in New York for a few weeks, you can also explore other neighborhoods and zones.

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