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3 Common mistakes to avoid while using a fire extinguisher


Fire incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. So it is incredibly important for every homeowner and employee to know how to use fire protection systems at an emergency. A fire extinguisher is an extremely important tool to control fires and should be a part of every building for fire safety measures. You need to make sure that your fire extinguisher is examined at least once in a year by calling fire extinguisher services. In order to use your fire extinguisher effectively in a fire emergency, you should be familiar with the right procedure and also be aware of the commonly made mistakes while using a fire extinguisher.

Read below some of the most common mistakes people make while using fire extinguishers.

Failing to read the instructions on fire extinguishers — It is crucial to read the instructions on your fire extinguisher at the time of installation as a part of fire safety training. If you’ve not read them yet, make sure you spare some time to read the directions on how to use it as soon as possible. Even if you have used a fire extinguisher before, it’s mandatory to go through the instructions because every fire extinguisher is a little bit different in application. Failing to read the instructions on fire extinguishers may lead to dangerous misuses. The best fire extinguisher service providers usually brief the building occupants with instructions on how to use this tool in an emergency situation.

Standing too close to the fire — It is not advisable to stand too close to the fire while trying to put off the fire with a fire extinguisher for various reasons. For instance, it is dangerous for a person trying to kill the fire in a position where he/she could easily get caught in the fire. And, allowing the pressurized content of the fire extinguisher to flow while standing too close to the fire may result in the fire to spread in a different direction, and may even obstruct your exit routes. Hence, you should stand at least 8 feet away from a fire when controlling a blaze.

Sweeping too high on the fire — While using a fire extinguisher, make sure the nozzle of the tool should be facing towards the base of the fire instead of the top. As the base is a place where the flame originates, also, it is the source of fuel for the fire.

Besides learning everything you can about operating a fire extinguisher, you must also have basic knowledge about other fire protection systems and tools in your buildings. Whether you need fire alarms, fire suppressions, or fire extinguisher services at your property, Fireserv has all covered for you. For more information about fire protection services visit: www.fireserv.info.

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