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Joe is a New York City street photographer who was born and raised in the South Bronx. He is of Puerto Rican heritage and only recently embraced photography. He is most comfortable walking the streets of New York capturing the unique moments of the city he loves.

Interview by Vittorio Rivabella

Q : Hi there Joe, We would like to start by knowing something about who You are and what led you to open the doors of Social Networks, here we go:

Are you a professional Photographer or do you have any formal education? and where does your passion comes from?

Joe: I have been doing street photography for only a short time — about 4 years. I am not a photographer by profession. I’m basically self-taught. I actually manage an entertainment law firm in NYC. My passion for photography grew from my surroundings — I’m fortunate to live in a city that inspires and presents me with many frame-able moments.

Q : Who influenced you the most? Is there any other photographer that you considers as a kind of idol?

Joe: There are many who influenced me and whose approach I admire — Robert Whitman, William Albert Allard, Vivian Maier, Sally Davies to name a few.

Q: We’ve seen you featured in a lot of online magazines for you beautiful street shots but your identity still remain quite obscure, if not for some selfie on your profile. This tendency of taking a low profile in the world of fame racing, where does it come from?

Joe: Trust me, i’m not that interesting. The images are what’s primary. I prefer to be in the background, observing. My work speaks to my passion — what I see and attempt to capture is what I find interesting and beautiful on the streets.

Q : From your point of view, what makes a good picture or a good post?

Joe: That’s totally subjective and what I love most about photography. The diversity of approaches — minimalist, street, portrait, landscape, fashion, etc. It’s like any form of art — the appeal comes from within — it’s a very personal thing. But for myself, what makes a good photo is something that pushes the eye — a perspective I haven’t seen — the things that go unnoticed.

Q: We’re almost done Joe, one last question: Can you give us some advice for all those who have just started out in the world of Street Photography?

Joe: Yes, and most importantly, ignore everything I’ve said and find your own voice and vision. This does not mean that the work of others does not matter. On the contrary, it matters in that it is meant to inspire, to show you where the beauty lies, not to copy. Study and see what others have done — get excited — then let it go. Don’t find yourself at the end of someone else’s life. Walk the streets, see what speaks to you and there you’ll find your approach.

Thank you Joe for your time.

If you love street photography, check Joe’s profile. It will definitely inspire you to get on the street.

Best Regards,


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