How to Get the Most Out of Your Pool

An in-ground pool in the backyard can be the perfect addition to a home. Imagine the water shimmering in the backyard, and people gathering around the pool and socializing. A pool is the perfect centralized element to backyard landscaping, but there are many factors you must consider when adding a backyard pool.

The most important is cost. An in-ground swimming pool installation starts at around $21,000, but you can spend $50,000 or more on a pool. That doesnt include additional features around the backyard that fit with the pool. Its a major financial investment.

Id say the bare minimum for a pool, assuming that everythings perfect and you want a really stripped down product, is $50,000, but it usually gets up to $100,000 and beyond, said Jon Hutchings, owner of Bikini Pools and Spas.

A homeowner can generally recoup a portion of the cost when selling a property. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors found an in-ground pool can increase a homes value between 4% and 6%. A Houselogics study found that a pool raises a homes value as much as 7%.

Reasons to Add a Pool

Great Way to Exercise

A pool provides a low-impact way to exercise. This can be good for seniors who want less stress on their joints but also for people who are recovering from an injury. Water provides a nice amount of resistance, and one can get in a good workout without the wear and tear of running on the road or with heavy exercise equipment.

Helps you Relax

You were born in water, and the body relaxes when its in or near water. Scientists have done brain imaging when people are around water, and the tests found that the brain releases dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other feel-good hormones. Additionally, levels of the stress hormone cortisol decline. Water also increases ones ability to focus.

Kids Love Playing in a Pool

Kids love pools. A pool is great social gathering place for children. Smaller children can learn to swim in a backyard pool, and older children can host friends. Having this safe environment for children to socialize and have fun together will also be a cool way to host pool parties and have informal gatherings.

Creates a Community Atmosphere

Neighbors and friends will enjoy gathering poolside. It creates a community atmosphere and is a natural commonplace for get-togethers. You dont have to swim to enjoy the perks of a backyard pool, having a drink while lounging is also a relaxing way to mingle with guests. Youll really get a kick out of gathering with neighbors to share laughs and good times. Its like having a tiny bit of the beach in your backyard.

Eye-Catching Addition

A well-constructed pool is a beautiful addition to a home. People will immediately notice and admire a pool in the backyard. The clear blue water and the concrete are the perfect combination to enhance any space big or small.

Reasons Against Installing a Backyard Pool


As mentioned above, pools are expensive to install. You can spend a large amount of money to […]

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