This library’s holiday book display may convince you it’s not too early for Christmas

Even if you’re the type of person who hates seeing Christmas displays pop up at the beginning of November, a new book tree at a library in South Korea may convince you it’s not too early to start celebrating.

Mike Stilkey creates artworks out of books. Image by Starfield Library

The new art installation, from American artist Mike Stilkey, has sprung up in the COEX Starfield Library in Gangnam, Seoul. The spellbinding book-filled hall is located in the largest underground shopping centre in Asia, the COEX Mall, and holds more than 50,000 titles. The library opened back in May 2017 and has become something of a star on social media for its incredible looks.

The library is a popular attraction in Seoul. Image by Starfield Library

Now, the new display is grabbing even more attention. Stilkey, an American artist known for his works made of books, has unveiled the “Starfield Book Tree” – a massive Christmas-themed installation made up of more than 14,000 books piled nine metres high. Stilkey’s art has been displayed around the world, and he uses discarded books to depict fantastic and whimsical stories. The images on the book tree feature happy animal families as they sled down a hill.

One of Mike Stilkey’s book creations. Image by Starfield Library

If you want to spend your time there reading, there are plenty of books and magazines that visitors can leaf through. Though most are in Korean, there are English-language works as well. There are also plenty of places to have a seat, use the free Wi-Fi and enjoy a read.

If you love incredible looking libraries, you can also head to China to check out the incredible Tianjin Binhai Library, which has space for more than one million books. Or, travel around the world seeking out the most stunning libraries in the world.

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