Today, Mayor Richard Thomas appeared on @WVOX #GoodMorning #Westchester hosted by Bob Marrone. The BREAKTHROUGH agreement on Memorial Field with the Westchester County Government was praised by Marrone. Mayor Thomas thanked the County Board of Legislators and County Executive George Latimer for “listening” to the people of Mount Vernon and working with the Administration to get the field open. Mayor Thomas also thanked the people of Mount Vernon for enduring the lost of our beloved field for so long and said, “My shovel is ready to work with anyone that is going to help the people of Mount Vernon.”

Marrone said Mayor Thomas has made Memorial Field the cornerstone of his campaign and has been fighting a treacherous fight to bring it back to life. Marrone asked whether details will ever emerge on who dumped the illegal debris at the park and where did the $Million tax dollars go under former Mayor Ernest Davis and former Comptroller Maureen Walker?

Federal Court Victory

Mayor Thomas also discussed a major victory in Federal Court related to the City’s broken sewer system. The federal judge gave a warning that extreme resistance by the City Council and Comptroller will NOT be tolerated. The judge added that obstructionists should “expect extreme and expensive consequences” if they continue to block Mayor Thomas’ compliance efforts to clean up the Hutch and Bronx Rivers. Mayor Thomas said, “We are ready, willing and able to make things happen. We are already in talks with major financial institutions, sewer and water experts, willing to bring leading technology and resources to address the people’s need for clean water. We don’t want to be another Flint because former leaders did not care. As the Judge said we are talking about drinking water, people!”

Click HERE to listen.

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