Pick up a rainbow-colored Christmas tree at this farm in New Jersey

One of the best traditions surrounding Christmas is when everyone looks at the dumb, boring trees outside and is like, “That’s fine. But what if this tree was incredibly glamorous? And lit up? And a giant star was, like, literally on top of the tree? And that thing lit up even brighter??”

If you really want to go all out with your Christmas tree this year, you may want to skip the sidewalk sellers and bodega Charlie Browns entirely and cross the river to New Jersey. Wyckoff’s Christmas Tree Farm is located 80 miles west of the city in Belvidere and offers Douglas Firs lacquered in colors ranging from bright blue (attention grabbing) to white (monochromatic and marvelous) to fluorescent pink (you’re fucking crazy for Christmas and you don’t care who knows). The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is shaking. Melania‘s wig is completely gone.

The vibrant, spray-painted conifers retail for $12 per foot. Unfortunately, they don’t currently deliver to Manhattan so if you want a rainbow tree for your holiday home this year, you’ll have to drive out and schlep it back. Because you know if you try to spray paint one yourself, it’s going to end up looking more “odd fungal growth” than Whoville.

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