Defacement Draws Attention To President’s Crimes

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Someone altered the signage at the entrance to Donald Trump’s New York City skyscraper, prompting nationwide laughter

Altered signage at Trump Tower in NYC, the president’s flagship mixed-use building. (Credit:

In a late night raid on Thursday, vandals defaced the signage at the entrance to Trump Tower in New York City changing it to read “INDIVIDUAL 1 TOWER.”

The altered signage was clearly intended to mock Donald Trump, drawing attention to his involvement in the Russian election interference scandal as well as Robert Mueller’s ensuing investigation in which the president is referred to in court documents as “Individual 1.”

Trump Tower entrance before the vandalism occurred. (Credit:

“We don’t know when the switch happened exactly,” said Trump Tower building manager Rowland Jape, “but the vandals worked very quickly and had the old signage down and the new signage up before our security guards even noticed. These guys were professionals.”

Mr. Jape added that the altered signage was mounted with “some sort of very strong epoxy or super glue,” and that building maintenance is having difficulty taking it down.

The scornful signage is drawing huge crowds, with New York City residents and tourists from around the world lining up on Fifth Avenue to snap photos.

“It’s clever in a taunting sort of way,” said Gillian Sneerhorn, who was visiting the city from Cardiff, Wales. “We don’t much like Donald Trump in our country, so anything that pokes fun at him, we approve of.”

Victor Filvio, a resident of Queens, NY, where Donald Trump grew up, was amused by the modified signage.

“Oh, this is great stuff, hilarious” said the former restaurant owner who identified himself as a Republican. “Everybody in Queens knows what a bunch of lowlife SOB’s the Trump family was. Forget ‘Individual 1.’ The sign should read “Indisputably The Number One Crook in the Country.’ That’d be more accurate, but I guess that’s too many words for a sign.”

Mr. Jape, the Trump Tower building manager, said that they’ve called in specialists to remove the bogus signage “but it could take a couple more days, because whoever put it up there really didn’t want it to stay there.”


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