Man Misses Bus, Man Chases Bus, Man Smashes Bus: Gothamist

Police are searching for a man who wrecked the outside of an MTA bus on Wednesday during a fit of rage apparently prompted by the driver’s alleged refusal to pick him up.

Cell phone footage captured by a witness shows the man standing in the middle of Houston Street, blocking the city bus while cursing at the driver for not stopping. “Go ahead and run me over just like you ran past every bus stop as I banged on your fucking door,” he shouts at the windshield, as the bus marquee blares: “CALL POLICE” and “EMERGENCY.”

The man then begins kicking the bus, and proceeds to rip off the driver’s side mirror and smash it into the pavement. He goes on to explain the cause of his fury: “I chased you 23 fucking blocks and you wouldn’t fucking stop. Fuck you, you piece of shit.” Moments before the video ends, the man instructs riders to get off the bus, informing the driver “you’re not going anywhere.”

The witness who documented the incident, who asked to only be identified by his Twitter handle Tjani, told Gothamist: “The bus eventually got away and he tried to give chase and deal more damage. You should’ve seen him sprinting after the bus, it was true theater.”

“Dude was clearly fed up and cold,” Tjani added. “He started kicking the doors and I was like ‘Oh nah I need to capture this turn of events.'”

Police say the man fled the scene, and they haven’t made any arrests. A spokesperson for the MTA did not immediately respond to our request for comment. According to New York City Transit Bus, there were no nearby service disruptions at the time of the freakout

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