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Traveling has been one of my favorite hobbies since I can remember, the simple fact of being in a place where you never been is indescribable. When I was about 14 years old, my middle school was organizing a trip to multiple destinies, all with the purposes to learn something. I still remember reading all the option without any sense whatsoever until I got to “New York”, since that moment, my mind knew that I had to signup for that one. After talking with my friends and sharing our thought, we all decide that it was a great idea to go to New York, and couldn’t agree more with them, after school, when I was walking home I realize that I was undertook one of my most farthest trips so far. The trip was two month later but the time just flew. The day of the trip arrived and couldn’t have been more ready, I remember when I said bye to my aunt in the airport when she was dropping me off, it was one of the happiest and sad moments that I remember before starting the adventure. However, in the moment that I saw all my friends waiting for me I felt more secure and ready to begin.

When we were in airport the teacher was explaining to us all the process of security that we were going to follow and all the legal process that we were going to need to do. After the long trip by plane, I remember that the first thing I felt was an intense cold that it froze my cheeks in seconds, I was excited but quite exhausted from the long trip. The day after we visited a lot of historical places where we learned and had fun, becoming one of my longest and most fun trips I’ve ever had.

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