Well my intention was to call this post ‘Year End Thoughts’ but I lent my Gulfstream 650 to Justin & Jessica last minute and spent an extra day in Mustique detoxing without wifi instead of on the rostrum in Times Square with Ryan and Jenny.  Here’s some stream of consciousness on putting 2018 in the record books: 

-Raze Queensbridge – NYCHA named worst landlord in NYC, need I say (have said) more?

-BQX – Amazon or not this is still a bad idea.  It’s completely unworkable fiscally and logistically.  Like a lot of ideas, this one is solely things getting pushed along (aka promoted) by handlers (Chuck Schumers daughter is the Executive Director of the friends group, a paid position).  She’s the only advocate, along with the Mayor and some real estate cronies.

-Rec Center – how do I reconcile not pushing too hard and making a demand?  First and foremost, the rec center request (and logic) predated Amazon by over 4 years.  Second, the Plaxall location was the last and best spot.  If Plaxall were to have received approval for their original plans, this should have been included.  It’s now been swapped to Amazon (it couldn’t have worked out sweeter for Plaxall, good for them), but the demand is on the City to recognize – either ding Amazon or Plaxall or some combo of both, but no longer ignore the long ignored request.

Amazon’s HQ2 Opponents Dig In for Long Fight a vocal minority

NYCHA Named Worst Landlord on Letitia James Annual Watchlistraze…

Waterfront Buildout Bolsters BQX Case Backers Saygrasping for straws, hopefully it’s dead and buried by 2020

Facade Begins to Rise on 5 Court Square11-story condominium building

An Amazon Effect on Queens Real Estate, Here’s Why Brokers Say It’s Realdead cat bounce?

Truffles, Crab, Caviar, Preparing For New Year’s at The Warehouse of Expensive Eatslocated in LIC!

InstaVet Coming to 23rd Streetanimal hospital open 24 hrs

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