that time we went to disney world…

hey remember how we went to disney world in florida a couple months ago (the first week of november) but i never blogged about it? those few days at the disney parks really took it out of me. i feel like i’m just barely recovering enough from our couple of days there to finally revisit it and share all about it on the blog. i know so many find so much joy and fun at disney world and disney land (and i want to be one of those people, i do!), and while there were a couple of times during each day i felt that magic, if i am being totally honest with you, for me, it was over stimulating and exhausting and hot and sticky and crowded (so so crowded) and i’m still recovering mentally from this trip… but our kids had the time of their lives, which in the end, makes it worth it… right? right!!!

the main reason we went was for harry potter world (HP photos coming at you next, having to break up these theme park days into two posts so you aren’t scrolling through like 75 photos at once). we’d been reading the harry potter books with our older kids and they have taken such a love towards the series that we had been wanting to visit as soon as we could.  then i got pregnant with the baby girls and we had to postpone for another year and they often reminded us (maybe daily?) they were ready to go! 😉 worked out for the better though because conrad was just tall enough to ride pretty much everything his brother and sister did, which wouldn’t have been the case last year. so that was a plus! also, harry potter. gosh…. it makes me happy, as a fellow harry potter lover who can’t get enough of the books either, that my kids are eating it up. so on our first day we did harry potter world (coming next), and then since we were there in orlando, we also did magic kingdom (these photos) and hollywood studios the following two days.

if we could redo this trip, i actually would have skipped hollywood studios entirely and gone back to magic kingdom on our last day (or done animal kingdom which we hear great things about). i think all of us agreed our most favorite day of the trip was this one at magic kingdom though (which is why i am starting with it!) and the race cars on the race track were unanimously our favorite ride (those spinning tea cups a close second for me!)

beatrice and madalena were troopers! since josh grew up in florida, he recommended we wait until november to go for the babies’ sake because the temperatures would be a bit better for them as we were out in that heat each day. the weather was wonderful for most of our stay, although it did spike back up to insane temps our last day at hollywood studios and we were racing all over trying to find spots with air conditioning for these baby girls who weren’t loving that last day. ps. both these outfits they are wearing once belonged to eleanor and i am just a bucket of mush on the ground seeing them in her old things!

eleanor took this photo of josh and me and the baby girls and while i was a little bit grumpy my fair share of moments during our disney world trip, i really hope this is a moment she remembers. at one point during the day, we were standing in a very crowded room waiting for a puppet show to start and there was no AC and just a fan blowing hot air over all these bodies of people and i was bouncing babies and feeling like i was suffocating and josh looked at the crowd of people and as he observed them he said quietly to me, “wow. there is a lot of love in this room right now…. all these parents doing this for their kids.” we were all so hot. and sticky. and wishing we could spread out but we were stuck waiting in the crowd together and it was like, “truth.” it really is amazing to see so many people working hard to make their little ones have such a special experience. and it helped me bite my tongue and work on smiling a little more for my own kids as we pushed through some of the harder moments during our day.

28 million dollars for a bubble dispenser?! ok fine. anything to help this cute little dude out when he was just under the height requirement for space mountain. he didn’t even notice when i snuck away with his two older and slightly taller siblings.

also, these BB8 cups. i caved and we ended up with three of them. it was one of those moments i’ll say was worth it forever and ever. they are still using and talking about their cups. sometimes these stupid things are worth it. 🙂

felt appropriate to document one of the many times the baby girls and i sat having a nursing break while josh ran the older kiddos over to a ride. i never got myself into one of those fancy air-conditioned rooms for nursing and sleeping babies that disney has around their parks (props to them for having those) because they were also no where near where we were at the time of needing to feed, but i’m used to doing this anywhere and everywhere and my baby girls are too, so we just went with it.

hands down, our favorite ride was the race cars that the boys got to drive on their own (with me)!

our feet didn’t quite reach the peddles so mama helped out there while the boys took turns steering. truly one of my favorite moments. i loved sitting beside them as they took the wheel and did so great racing us around the track.

it really is a special place. and these kiddos have talked about it a lot since we’ve been home the past couple months which makes me happy. i love them to the moon and back and this trip really was a good one.

i know someone is gonna be like, “oh she thinks she’s too good for disney” because i tried to be honest here about how the disney parks felt for me. it’s the tricky thing with writing blog posts. when it’s a positive experience shared without any struggle called out, i’m seen as making it up and lying. when i say it was hard, i’m seen as not grateful and super spoiled. such a fine line trying to convey an experience without offending. i’m very thankful we got to go, i’m very thankful my kids loved it, and i’m very thankful we don’t have plans to go back anytime soon, too. 😉

harry potter world coming at you next!

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