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Idiotarod, The Glorious Annual Gathering Of Costumed Idiots, Happening This Month: Gothamist


The city’s premiere shopping cart race made for-idiots/by-idiots is back: the annual Idiotarod race will take place on January 26th. That gives you plenty of time to start gathering and assembling all the random junk you can find into the finest shopping cart this city has ever seen.

This will be the 15th annual Idiotarod race, which started out as a chance for self-proclaimed idiots to get super creative with shopping cart themes, then run through the streets on what usually ends up being one of the coldest days of the year. It costs $5 to sign up—first RSVP to their Facebook page, then join the IdiotarodNYC group “on our super secure Facebook page” (where there’ll be lots of updates on the event, including where it is taking place), and finally, “email IDIOT Labs at *Idiotarodnyc@gmail.com* to obtain an official participant request form.”

And even though there is an alarming amount of usage of the word “idiot” in all the marketing of the event, don’t be mistaken—this ain’t no SantaCon shitshow, but an indispensable creative celebration for NYC‘s weirdest and funnest maniacs. Check out the rules for the event below:

1. Each team must consist of one shopping cart and decorated team mates.

2. Each team can attach things to the cart, make a riding platform, grease the wheels and chop up the cart– but all pieces must be part of the final design.

3. Bribery Encouraged! Judges and Checkpoint Monitors enjoy all forms of bribery and favors and, yes, bribery will help garner prizes.

4.Good natured and ingenious sabotage is encouraged but nothing can be done of a malicious nature (like damaging the art of others carts) or that may hurt the existence of the race itself.

5. Do Not Litter! The hurling of food objects or other materials is strictly prohibited and will result in expulsion from the race. Don’t make a mess, we all share this planet.

6. Show some Respect: Please respect the police, the public, traffic and each other. This event’s continued existence is reliant on the cooperation of each participant… Inspired Idiocy = Yes, Douchey Stupidity = No.

Finally, check out some photos from 2017’s event up above, and if you’re really looking for inspiration for your team/theme, never forget Team Danger Zone.

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