Milan’s newest restaurant will take you straight into hipster Valhalla

After conquering the world of television shows and movies in the last few years, Vikings and their culture are providing inspiration all around the world — a new Viking-inspired restaurant has recently opened in Milan, arguably Italy’s trendiest city.

The restaurant’s logo is inspired by the design of Odin’s knot from Norse mythology. Image courtesy of Valhalla Milan

Valhalla — La brace degli dei, which translates as Valhalla — The embers of the gods (or barbecue, if you like) can be found in the Navigli area of Milan and is the first restaurant in Italy to be inspired by Viking traditions, both in food and décor.

You can wash down the meats proposed by the menu with wine or, to stay more on brand, with beer and cider. Image courtesy of Valhalla Milan

The restaurant’s owners, Igor and Milena, conducted in-depth historical research on how Viking populations used to eat before putting together Valhalla’s menu, which reflects those traditions faithfully— but with a “modern and gourmet twist,” as they describe it. As one might expect, everything revolves around meat, both farmed and wild, either barbecued or slow cooked.

If you don’t fancy meat, there are also dishes that are vegan-safe, like this one, named Bifrost and based on red beet. Image courtesy of Valhalla Milan

All plates have a name taken straight from Norse culture and mythology— for example, the salmon dish is called Andavari, like the mythological dwarf that lived hidden inside a waterfall in the form of a fish.

All names are inspired by Norse mythology and lore. Image courtesy of Valhalla Milan

And the Viking vibes don’t stop there— the walls are decorated with shields and helmets and weapons, which should evoke the mythological Valhalla, the heaven of Viking warriors from which the restaurant takes its name.

The restaurant’s decor is inspired both by Viking style and Milan’s characteristic trendy vibe. Image courtesy of Valhalla Milan

If you happen to be in Milan and want to book a table or if you’d like to know more about Valhalla restaurant, you can check its official Facebook page here.

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