Did We Really Screw This Up Already? – Emily Governale – Medium

Or are the fans and armchair prognosticators just exercising their anger too soon?

Adam Gase. 40 years old. He is a first-time head coach. He’s held previous positions as an OC and QB Coach for teams like the Lions, Broncos, and Dolphins. Has a way of getting the best out of young quarterbacks.

That doesn’t sound bad, does it?

If you are a Jets fan- like me, it shouldn’t. I mean the guy had success with players like Ryan Tannehill, and Brock Osweiler- who otherwise might not have had a chance at good careers.

But, instead of welcoming Gase to the organization, the fans have chosen to direct their passion towards deriding the decision. Now, mind you, the season hasn’t started yet. Gase hasn’t even put all of his coaches in place.

P.S.: there are reasons (as unknown as they may be to the fan base) as to why the Jets chose Gase and not, let’s say, Mike McCarthy. I’m sure by now any Jets fans have either stopped reading or are rolling their eyes. And, I get it, I do (sort of), as Head Coach of the Dolphins, he only had one winning season- his first.

But, the bright side is that the Jets have a young quarterback (Sam Darnold) who has by all measures outside of the Franchise Tag, holds the keys to the franchise. Maybe Gase will be able to build a team around Darnold (and his system) that will lead to success.

I know the NY media is tough on it’s sports market. And, maybe it should be as tough as it (after all, it is a big city). But, whatever happens, can we at least save the criticism until the season starts again.

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