How to minimize pollution of the apartment during the repair?

The process of updating the interior and utilities in housing, as a rule, is accompanied by the emergence of a large amount of construction waste. Some homeowners prefer to clean up the room on their own, while others resort to the services of professional apartment cleaning after post renovation cleaning. This material will tell how to reduce the level of pollution of the apartment during the installation and finishing works.


Construction dust can cause significant harm to the health of residents and craftsmen during post renovation cleaning. In order to prevent the spread of small particles in the apartment, it is necessary to isolate the room in which the work is carried out. Homeowners need to curtain the doorways and windows with a thick cloth that should be moistened periodically. Today in the market of household goods polyethylene curtains equipped with a zipper are on sale — they can be used for convenient entry and exit from the premises.

If rooms have doors, the gap between the canvas and the floor must be closed with a damp cloth. Large items that cannot be removed from the premises should be covered with several layers of plastic film. If you do not plan to post renovation cleaning the flooring, you must cover it too. Electrical equipment should be packaged in boxes and taken out of the room.

In the process of dismantling the old tile or chipping the wall in the air, a suspension of small cement particles appears. It is necessary to remove dust from the floor surface with the help of a construction vacuum commercial cleaning — household appliances sometimes do not withstand the load and fail. Specialized equipment can be rented. During the drilling of walls under the hole, you can put a scoop to avoid dispersion of dust.

It will be useful to carry out airing the room. Before opening windows, homeowners should make sure that the doorway is reliably protected from the occurrence of a draft. In the intervals between work, it is recommended to humidify the indoor air with a spray bottle.

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