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Why I can’t even with New Year’s resolutions

What the hell? I can’t do that. Bad example. Skip this image. (Photo by wee lee on Unsplash)

Reverse Resolution…and Breathe

I don’t like New Year’s Eve. The pressure to have an amazing night or go to a spectacular party just sends my FOMO into overdrive. I am not so delusional as to think I’m the only person who feels this way, but I just wanted to tell you. We’re sharing here, remember? And like, self-improvement and stuff.

I start every December 31st immediately feeling an almost physical weight of “You can’t just stay home today, loser” fighting against “Staying home is the best and my cat, books, and television are here”. We go to brunch or hang out in downtown Brooklyn (so I can trick myself into feeling less FOMO), then it’s a trip to Battery Park Regal for our newest tradition, New Year’s Eve Action Movies! This year it was Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse (11/10 would go again). We dissect the film on the train-ride, then it’s home again for champagne and watching New Year’s Eve specials of bundled up celebrities in Times Square* on network television.

my emotions fighting each other.

I spend some time reflecting on the year, sure, but mostly I look forward. Forward hasn’t happened and I can do anything! ANYTHING! I don’t write down my resolutions with a twinkle in my eye on New Year’s Eve, because this is perhaps the only type of list I don’t like making. My expectations are off the charts, maybe due to alcohol, and it ends up just being a list of taunts. “You’ll never do any of this. You know that, right?” I just pick up a few new habits that I hope will stick. I ease into it. Going full throttle ends up in instant burn out. It’s all about tricking myself into it. On New Year’s Day, I knew I wanted the day to start better, in a positive way. So I did yoga. And almost every day since then, I’ve done yoga. About 2 weeks later, I have reverse resolved to continue being active, in any shape or form, every day.

*TANGENT! I live in New York and could very easily go to Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but let’s break that down, shall we? This bucket list event is a miserable affair and one that I don’t think you HAVE to go to validate your life. People arrive at 11 am or sooner that day and don’t leave until the wee hours the next morning. It’s usually cold and extremely crowded. There is nowhere to go to the bathroom or even sit down. It’s a great time for someone to pick-pocket you, and the train lines are a mess. In conclusion, I have finally stopped feeling put down about not attending this chaos.

How I Did It

Feel it. On New Year’s Day, I did a short Sunrise Yoga video and I surprised myself by getting a bit weepy at the end. My body was like “I forgive you for having 2 Christmas dinners” and I was like “I forgive you for destroying me with the flu after Christmas” and there was a lot of release with my first Namaste.

Know what you are doing. I’m still a novice, but this much is clear. Yoga is not “fitness”, it’s well-being. It is trendy, sure, but it is about so much more than getting in shape. It is an entire practice with culture and history behind it. Don’t disrespect that just to get that yoga bod.

Do what resounds with you. A trip to a studio is not in the cards for me. Having to get dressed, travel, and be in a room full of people in better shape than me wearing expensive Fabletics will ultimately keep me from going at all. YouTube is my teacher, my living room is my studio, and I wake up and do yoga in my pajamas. It’s awesome. Additionally, I just have to gush about Yoga with Adriene. Yes, she’s like the most popular yoga instructor on YouTube, but it’s obvious why. She knows what she is doing. I’ve learned a lot from her, especially with finding my own pace, breathe and movement.

Be consistent. I’m doing a 30-day challenge; one video every morning before work. I like to get it out of the way. If I wait until the end of the day, there is a 70% I’ll talk myself out of doing it while at work. Full disclosure, I skipped Wednesday and Thursday this past week because *smh* menstruation is the worst. Do you ever just get, like, SO tired on your period for no reason? Rude. But I’m back in as of this morning and am excited to do the next video tomorrow.

I’ve actually snowballed into walking more every day, too. And once my evil flu subsided, I continued cutting out foods that aren’t so great for me and my picky digestive system. I may have lost weight, I’m not sure, I don’t have a scale, but I don’t feel hatred for the scale, so that’s nice. My energy is up, I’m not as depressed, and uh, yeah, it’s working. Tally ho.

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