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It was raining out, so I decided to take a trip over the East River. Makes sense right? I walked over to 2nd Ave and East 60th St where you can catch the Rosevelt Island Tramway. The plaza is under construction so the entrance is hard to find — it’s just off of 2nd Ave, sort of behind the building. It’s there, trust me!

If you’ve never taken this before, it is the cost of a subway ride for one way. If you have one of those fancy unlimited passes, then in theory, it’s free. I say ‘in theory’ because, we all know those fancy unlimited passes ain’t cheap. Nothing is every totally free. I digress. The tramway takes you straight to Rosevelt Island and it’s only one stop. So when the thing stops, get out! Just follow the hoards of people.

Here are a some pictures of what I saw on my way there, and along the entire journey.

A quick shot of some people walking the plank. Arrrr matey!

January is…the season to wrap trees in plastic and ‘leave’ them on the sidewalk to be thrown out. Ok, even I can admit that was a terrible pun. These trees don’t even have leaves. However, no one has ever needled trash on the sidewalk.

January also is…the season for steam. So much steam.

Here is the entrance to the tram. I told you it existed!

And now we wait for our floating chariot.

That’s the 59th Street Bridge, aka Queensboro Bridge, aka Ed Koch Bridge. If you ever decide to ride a Citi Bike over it, just a heads up. It’s steep AF.

We’ve made it to Rosevelt Island.

And now it is time the head back. Since it was raining, the view looking out was a little distorted. I think it all worked out though. The view looking in was perfectly clear.

All photos were taken with a Fuji X-T2 and the XF 23mm F2 lens. All words were typed with a mechanical keyboard.

That will just about do it for today. That will just about do it for today. If you want more additional, check me out on Instagram or YouTube.

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