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We hear constantly are two words, “budget crisis”. If you live in NYC and discuss city politics then it’s in your vocabulary. Wherever you look the city and state government is constantly looking for additional revenue sources. Whether it’s additional taxes directly onto New Yorkers or taxes on the goods and services that we use, Mayor De Blasio continues to increase the tax burden on New Yorkers. Simultaneously, as he increases the tax revenue for the “budget crisis”, he increases the spending that the city is projected to do. From 2019–2022 the budget is projected to increase by $8.858 billion.

For 2019 were looking at an expenditure of $92 billion dollars. NYC continues to inflate their already huge budget which, to no surprise, doesn’t increase the effectiveness of the services rendered by the City of New York. Our MTA continues to rise in the cost of maintaining and “fixing” the subway, the homeless rate is still increasing even though the homeless budget is almost at $2 billion, NYCHA continues to be a failure and if the city finally wants to solve every single problem that the tenants report it’ll cost an arm and a leg due to a continuous mismanaged city government. NYC spends more than any other city in the United States per student to no avail. We aren’t even in the top 10 of school systems across the U.S. The DOE budget for 2019 is $25.6 billion, an increase from 2018.

From the preliminary budget for the DOE 2019.

As the budget increases and services provide by the city don’t increase in effectiveness we can come to the conclusion that it’s not a budget crisis but instead an extremely horrible management crisis.

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