One couple travelled the world to take wedding photos in as many countries as possible

For most people, getting the perfect wedding album is a big deal, but one travel-loving couple has seriously raised the bar when it comes to taking pictures to mark the occasion. Since marrying in 2017, Nick and Zoe Aust from New Jersey, USA have spent their time travelling to as many countries as possible, snapping a new batch of wedding photos in each destination.

Nick and Zoe at Burg Eltz Castle in Germany. Image by Marry Me In

“When we started dating we bonded over travel and the idea of having the freedom to choose where to go next. We started saving, got married, and took off on the honeymoon of a lifetime, doing things our own way and figuring it out as we went along,” Nick Aust told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Zoe in her wedding dress at Mount Everest. Image by Marry Me In

Part of the adventure included packing their wedding attire for a project that saw the couple posing for pictures in unique places. From the snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest to the fairy-tale-like Eltz Castle in Germany, the images are striking and unique.

The couple set out on their dream honeymoon after their wedding in 2017. Image by Marry Me In

“Some people may sell their wedding dress, some store it in a box and never look at it again, some keep it to pass down to children…so what’s wrong with taking it around the world with you?” Zoe Aust said. So far the couple has visited 33 countries, travelling through Thailand, India, and Egypt before heading to South Africa, Sir Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan. They also went to Europe before officially ending their honeymoon with a trip to Seychelles. They blogged about their adventures on their site Marry Me In, sharing details on each place they visited.

Cappadocia in Turkey. Image by Marry Me In

As well as allowing them to visit beautiful places, Zoe and Nick say that their journey across the world has helped them see life from a different perspective. “Traveling has a way of humbling you. You’re going to different climates with only the stuff you can drag along. It doesn’t seem like much at times, but then you see how other people live and realise that you don’t need as much to have a happy life. It really put things into perspective. It’s not about what you have, it’s about who you’re with and what you’re doing,” Nick said.

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