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If you’ve ever spent any time in Gowanus, Brooklyn, chances are you’ve seen a few things…What? No, I mean because the F/G train is so darn high! It has to be the third tallest structure in Brooklyn and it offers spectacular views. Second only to the BQE in the same area. I’ve been in need of some views lately, so what’s a better way to capture great views than to head out on a raining day!

If you ever need to move or build some things with lumber and such, 9th Street is the place to be. Weird, I almost wrote lumbar instead of lumber and I thought wow that’s silly, you can’t build things with your back. Then again, when one builds something, they are instructed to “put their back into it”. So it seems I wasn’t that silly after all — therefore, I propose a name change from lumber yard, to lumbar yard. And the slogan can be: “Please purchase wood from our Lumbar Yard, we’ll always have your back”.

View of 9th Street, with the subway above
F this train! No really that’s the name of the train.

The beauty of black and white is that you can’t see the color green. So just pretend that water is crystal clear. Better yet, just pretend it’s water.

You can just about see lower Manhattan. It’s there trust me.
A view from the “2nd Floor” of the station

All photos were taken with a Fuji X-T2 and the XF 23mm F2 lens. All words were typed with a mechanical keyboard.

So if you’re in the area, head on up to the station and check out the great views! Just make sure it’s on a sunny day. And that will just about do it for today. If you want more additional, check me out on Instagram or YouTube.

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