“My life is not significantly different, but it feels like…

“My life is not significantly different, but it feels like everyone else has changed around me. All my friends are progressing down that heteronormative life stage thing.  They’ve gotten married.  Or gotten a house.  Or had kids.  Whereas I’m more in this extended adolescence thing.  It’s really changed my social life.  I used to be able to rally a group of friends on an hour’s notice.  But now it’s like herding cats.  You really have to work to get on someone’s calendar.  Last month I had dinner with good friends of mine, they’re a married couple.  Great people.  We wanted to squeeze in a date before their twins were born.  My job was to keep their child entertained while they cooked dinner.  He’s like two.  Wonderful kid.  Very nice kid.  Only says a few words, but nice personality.  Likes to hug the cat.  Really cares about the cat.  He’s also really big into picking things up and dropping them on the floor.  He showed me his box of pencils, even gave one to me, which I thought was really nice.  Things were going great.  But then came the ‘tired’ thing.  During dinner there was a sudden change.  He started rubbing his eyes.  Lots of throwing.  Rice and vegetables began to fly across the table.  Then came the screaming.  Nobody signaled this was abnormal, so I attempted to plow forward with the conversation.  I’d find short breaks in the screaming to slip in a few words.  But it got louder and louder.  The parents were professionals.  Completely unfazed.  And I didn’t care.  I was leaving in an hour anyway.”

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