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8 Feel Good Instagram Accounts to Follow Now!

Last week we talked about being nicer to ourselves. As a part of that, I talked about how Instagram can be such a trigger for negative self talk – falling into the comparison trap, feeling as though we are less than, and blah blah. Today I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite feel-good accounts to follow. Each of these feeds always leaves me a little happier after reading their post. Whether it’s inclusive style, positive affirmations, cool illustrations, or just a person who is downright inspirational… these are all worth the follow and will always leave you feeling good. There should be more stuff like this out there!

Give these gals/guys a follow… I promise you won’t regret it. They’ll add a little happy to your feed. Oh and follow me too while you’re at it.

Seriously though, these are some of my absolute favorite follows, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do BUT ALSO, tell me your favorite uplifting accounts in the comments section!

one // @andigetdressedI could not love this account more and find so much great style inspiration here. I like that they feature women of literally every shape and size – proof that style comes from within and having a great eye… not from being a certain shape or fitting in with the conventional standards of beauty. Whether it’s a color combination I’d never thought of, or a chic monochromatic look like the one above, this account is packed with style inspiration that everyone can take something from.

two // @happynotperfectI love this account (it’s actually an app, which I do not use, but I love their social feeds). It’s packed with inspiration to lead a (you guessed it!) happy life as opposed to a perfect one. I can be such a perfectionist (and in turn, very hard on myself), and this account inspires me on a daily basis – whether it’s just the realization that everyone else feels like a mess too, a reminder to just breathe, or something funny like the image above, it’s a great follow.

three // @chinaealexander. Chinae is kind of like the everywoman’s wellness guru. She’s always doing something cool, her message is always inspiring and uplifting, but she’s also incredibly real… for example, admitting she hates kale and disliking meditation. She is, in my opinion, the perfect example of what real wellness (emotional, physical, mental) looks like… and she’s always having a good time doing it. I hung out with her this past weekend and can attest that she’s just as fantastic and real and cool in person.

four // @adamjkI actually found out about Adam a couple years ago because I posted one of his quotes/memes and incorrectly attributed it to someone else. (Oops – sorry, Adam!) He was totally gracious about it, and in his reaching out I found a new favorite instagram account. He’s simultaneously hilarious and inspiring (while always being aesthetically pleasing, too!)

five // @the12ishstyle. I’ve talked about Katie so much here and we have had her on the podcast, but when I think of positive, uplifting instagram accounts to follow Katie is always at the top of my list. I love how she encourages her audience to “put their confidence on,” I love how honest she is about brands not making her size, and I of course love her famous “Supersize the Look” series as again, it teaches us that style is not about size! Also, she’s effing HILARIOUS.

six // @mindfulmftRun by therapist Vienna Pharaon, this account is all text – each one packed with more wisdom than the next. I never miss a post from her (probably because I like all her posts so the algorithm always shows them to me), as each post is literally PACKED with uplifting words that will make you really think.

seven // @peopleiveloved. My friend got me the “alone time” door hanger from this company and I fell in love with their art and instagram feed. Similar to Adam’s stuff, it’s both beautiful and uplifting. This account is a bit like a hug… anytime she posts something I wind up feeling warm and fuzzy. I love it so much.

eight // @melissawoodhealth. Okay so she is drop dead gorgeous and has this perfect looking life (and posts these amazing workouts which I’m tempted to try after Helena posted about doing them) BUT she’s also gritty and raw and inspiring and posts the less pretty sides of life. My old intern Christina got me into her feed and I love it so much. She’s the one who got me hooked on celery juice (post about that coming soon), and I just love everything she posts. Also, she has the cutest kids. I’m not usually into seeing strangers’ kids on the Internet but I like hers.

Okay so there we go. I literally never miss a post from any of these folks. If you have a sec, please please tell me your favorite uplifting accounts! Seriously, I really want to know – my feed needs more feel good stuff!

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