Housing official Lynne Patton set to move into NYCHA

NEW YORK — NYCHA will have a new resident as of Monday: the regional administrator for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in New York and New Jersey.

Lynne Patton plans to live with volunteer families in four different New York City Housing Authority properties over the next month. She wants to experience problems public housing problems firsthand.

The New York City Public Housing Authority is the largest public housing authority in the Western Hemisphere, housing more people than the entire City of Miami. It is also the worst” she wrote on Instagram. “It ends now.”

Patton said she will bring her own inflatable bed, towel and portable chargers. She will also purchase all groceries for the families she stays with while she’s with them “so not to generate any undue expense.”

Her first week will be in the Patterson Houses in the Bronx.

Patton had originally planned to live in NYCHA in January, but pushed it off because of the government shutdown.

“The Anti-Deficiency Act (31 USC 1341) prohibits federal officials from performing certain duties,” she tweeted at the time. “The move-in is considered acting in my official capacity”

The record 35-day federal shutdown ended with a plan to reopen the government for three weeks. The government may shut down again if a new deal isn’t reached by the end of the week.


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