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When the Rutgers church started in the summer of 2017, we had many visitors come by to support us and encourage us. We had mission teams come to help out with our welcome week and many others random visitors from all across our different churches. When we have visitors, we take them to Manhattan since is nothing to do around central NJ.

What options do I have?

Here are some options that we consider when we decide to go to Manhattan from Piscataway, NJ.

  1. Drive to the Grove street PATH station and take the subway into Manhattan.
  2. Drive to the St. George ferry station and take the ferry into Manhattan
  3. Drive into Manhattan via the Holland tunnel.

Some Caveats

  • If you want to take the PATH, the World Trade Center line is closed on the weekends until 2020. To get to WTC, exit on Christopher street and take the subway to the Oculus.
  • Taking the ferry usually takes longer than the other options but it’s a good choice for big groups since there are plenty of free parkings available in the ferry station.
  • Driving in will cost around $30 for tolls and good luck trying to find free parking! Otherwise parking is a hefty fee also.

What’s our preferred method?

We usually drive to the Grove station and find free parking on the weekends to take the PATH. I think this is the fastest way and the cost is not too bad. But there are many other options like taking the ferry from Jersey City and I heard that there is a bus that takes you into the city from Fort Lee for a buck! Not sure if that’s true.

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