Council Member Costa Works in the Interests of Nepali Community

New York City Council member Costa Constantinides have as of late prevailing with regards to delegating two Nepalis on the board at the Elmhurst Hospital. Costa Constantinides is the Council member for the 22nd District of the New York City Council. He is a Democrat. The district includes Astoria, East Elmhurst, part of Long Island City, Rikers Island and part of Woodside in Queens. He is the real friend/brother of Nepal and Nepalese Community.

Mr. Joy Chowdhury, from the workplace of Council member Costa, said to KHASOKHAS news that “Nepalese community pioneers started the arrangement of the Elmhurst Hospital’s Board to ensure Nepali community to get a medical advantage for community individuals. What’s more, I trust they will instruct each other about health.” Mr. Costa is working so intently and contributing to the Nepali community. Council member Costa is doing an extraordinary help for Nepalis Community that is the reason Whole Nepali Community is so content with him and happy with his work. He asked for the CEO of the hospital to help the Nepalise community who speaks Nepali Languages and their dismal.

Then the hospital has delegated two Nepalis Mr. Luisang Wiba and Yadab Bastola. Council member Costa said- “This appointment has given various opportunities to work for the welfare of the community,”

Mr. Costa has carried out the responsibility of asking for Nepali language application in DMV for the comfort of the Nepali community and keeping Nepali Language information in the hospitals.

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