“I grew up in Colombia.  There wasn’t much to watch on…

“I grew up in Colombia.  There wasn’t much to watch on television back then because we only had a few channels.  Everything was black-and-white.  But every night there was a famous music show.  All the big bands came on that show: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin.  Always my nose would be stuck to the TV.  I went completely crazy.  My parents could not understand.  Sometimes I’d get so excited that I’d cry.  I grew my hair long.  I told myself: ‘One day I will be in a band.  I do not know how.  But I will do it.’  A few years later my father got the opportunity to manage a dairy farm in Spain.  From there I was able to get a visa to London.  I was nineteen years old, and London was almost too much for me.  It was so exciting.  All the time I was crying.  I worked as a dishwasher and started going to all the nightclubs.  I fell in love with punk music: Sid Vicious, Billy Idol, The Clash.  They made me dance like a crazy.  So many times I cried.  But I especially wanted to be on the stage.  So I found two guys and started a band.  We were called The Ridiculous.  For two months we played on the street outside the club.  But it was harder than I thought.  We never were invited inside.  Our drummer found another band.  Then the guitarist found another band.  And then it was just me.  That was forty years ago, but I’m still keeping the punk alive.  One day I will try again.”
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