One-Piece Concealable Penile Implant Rigicon® Rigi10™

One-Piece Concealable Penile Implant Rigicon® Rigi10™

One Piece Concealable Penile Implant

A one-piece concealable penile implant that is easy to perform is a device that eliminates the problem of erection. It is a permanent solution in the case of severe ED (erectile dysfunction). Rigicon® Rigi10™ is preferred due to its reliability in penile implant brands.

What is a Single Piece Concealable Penile Implant?

A penile implant consisting of a single cylinder. It is used in patients who have problems in providing or maintaining an erection. In the case of erectile dysfunction, one piece of the concealable penile implant is among the highest devices of satisfaction.

When to Consider One Piece Concealable Penile Implant?

It is applied in a period when erectile problems start and are not psychological. ED should be continuing for at least 6 months. Patients who cannot provide adequate erection for sexual intercourse and who have problems continue to be candidates. One piece of the concealable penile implant is implanted by a joint decision of the doctor and patient after a thorough examination. ED, which has a common dysfunction, is the problem of many men. It is seen in all ages and in all races. In general, the risk of ED increases with age. Problems such as heart, sugar, pelvic surgery, low testosterone level are the cause of ED. The One-piece concealable penile implant is preferred when drugs with Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PDE5Is) used for ED treatment do not work.

How Does One Piece Concealable Penile Implant Work?

It is a device that is concealed by the body when it is implanted. The one-piece concealable penile implant is a bendable single-rod shape. During sexual activity is bent by position. It is inserted into the erection channel of the penis with general or local anesthesia.

Surgery and One Piece Concealable Penile Implant Operation

Before surgery, the doctor informs the patient. 6 hours before the operation, eating and smoking are terminated. If the drug is used by the patient, the doctor should be informed. Surgery is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. At the operation, the patient is inserted into the catheter. The probe is removed one day after surgery. A small incision opens just above the penis or between the penis and the scrotum. Erectile chambers can be accessed and a one-piece of the concealable penile implant is inserted. The right length of the penile implant is used according to the patient. Once the implant is placed, the incision is closed, the wound is cleaned and the pressure bandage is applied.

After Surgery

One day after the operation, the bandage is removed and the patient is sent home. Pain and pain may be felt in the first few days. The penis or scrotum can swell. This condition is normal after surgery. The cold press relaxes the patient in this case. 2–3 days of ongoing currents can be seen. Weight should not be more than 5 kilos for 4–6 weeks. Thermal baths, sauna, and heavy sports activities should be avoided. At the first appointment 4–6 weeks later, a one-piece concealable penile implant is inflated by the doctor. Sexual activity begins after the appointment.

Where to apply for a doctor?
If the swelling is severe and does not heal
If the current is over and does not exceed
If the pain does not pass and is increasing
If redness and tenderness increase in the incision region
If there is a fever, the doctor should be contacted.

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