Semi-rigid Penile Prosthesis (Semi-rigid Penile Implant) Rigicon® Rigi10™

Semi-Rigid Penile Prosthesis — Rigicon® Rigi10™ (Malleable Penile Implant)

What is the Penile Implant? How does it work?

The hardening problem depends on many reasons. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is treated with a semi-rigid penile implant. Rigicon® Rigi10™ is the most preferred semi-rigid penile implant.

What is a Semi-rigid Penile Implant?

Semi-rigid penile implants are instruments inserted into the penis in men with erection problems. In addition to providing hardening, it is also used in the treatment of pain and curvature of the penis. A penile implant, known as a penile prosthesis, is inserted into the penis by surgery. A semi-rigid penile implant is a comfortable solution for patients.
Rigicon® Rigi10™ is highly flexible.

The length of the prosthesis is dimensioned according to the penis length of the patients.
The penis is easy to place and easy to adjust.
It is sold under the control of a physician under US law.

Semi-rigid Penile Prosthesis Treatment

In the case of erectile dysfunction, drug treatment or penis pump may not always work. A semi-rigid penile implant is an effective treatment when other options do not work, and hardening is not enough. Semi-rigid penile prosthesis treatment is a process that begins with a surgical procedure. The doctor decides that a semi-rigid penile implant is the right treatment for the patient. It is the most suitable penile implant type, and customer satisfaction is high. The process of semi-rigid penile prosthesis treatment begins with a thorough physical examination. Under the spinal or general anesthesia, two bendable rods are placed in the penis erection channel. The semi-rigid penile prosthesis can be twisted according to the position of the rod, and the treatment with the placement of the penis is completed. It is an operation that lasts for 20 minutes, and the success rate is above 95%. The patient can return home after 24 hours. The doctor’s instructions should be followed, antibiotics and other drugs should be taken regularly. The recovery process is fast after the placement of a semi-rigid penile prosthesis. Semi-rigid penile implants, which become erect during sexual intercourse, are concealed after sexual intercourse.
Semi-rigid Penile Implant Indications

It is used in patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). Sufficient penis stiffness in sexual intercourse is treated with semi-rigid penile implant placement. Designed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The indications for the surgery of the semi-rigid penile implant are:
– Pelvic fracture
– Spinal cord injury or spinal cord disease
– prostatectomy
– Multiple sclerosis
– Diabetes
– Arteriosclerosis and hypertensive vascular disease
– Priapism
– Peyronie’s disease
– Psychogenic impotence
– Those with permanent ED problems
– Those who are unlikely to recover from alternative therapies.

Contraindications to Semi-rigid Penile Implant
Patients with semi-rigid penile implants are not eligible;
Patients with Urogenital Infection or Active Skin Infection
Those with ED problems due to emotional reasons
Penile length less than the length of the penile implant
Bladder or urinary tract obstruction
Recurrent urogenital diseases
Physically or mentally insufficiently
Those allergic to silicone materials cannot be operated due to contraindications.

Rigicon® Rigi10™ semi-rigid penile implants are among the first choices with its functionality, long-term use and satisfactory high level.

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