Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Find the Right Agent!

Selling your home is a complex process of communication, planning and paperwork.  Thankfully, real estate agents can help shoulder that burden and help you make the right decisions for your specific goals.

Working with an agent is not required to sell your home, but here’s some food for thought: Homeowners who list without an agent typically sell their homes for less than the selling prices of agent-listed homes, and can have a more difficult time finding a buyer. In fact, according to the 2018 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, agent-assisted sales have a median selling price 32% higher than homeowners who list on their own. With logic supporting the idea that having an agent is most beneficial when selling your home, how can you find the best one to assist you in this process? Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself:

Q: “What Should I Look For in an Agent?”

A: First, consider location. Research agents in your area and find eight to ten who work nearby or have experience with homes in your area. Read online reviews to narrow your list down to the best four or five agents. Next, see who has strongest presence in places like, social media and their own websites. This will help you know how equipped they are to give your home the greatest exposure possible.

Q: “How  Do I Choose the Agent That’s Right for Me?”

A: We’re huge fans of conducting interviews to find your agent because the process helps you figure out what traits you value in a working relationship. Pay attention to any red flags, and communicate your selling goals as detailed as you can.

Start with small talk to get a feel for their personalities and whether they complement yours.
Ask questions about their skill set and experience. Find out how many clients they’re currently representing, if they’d be working with you directly, if they have a team and what sets them apart from the competition.
After a few interviews, you should have a good idea of who you want to work with so go ahead and give them a call!

Working with an agent can help you get the most for your home and make the process a smooth one. For more advice on how to select the right agent to sell your home, download the free How to Sell Your Home Playbook!

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