City Looks To Revive Prior Development Plans For HQ2 Site

Will there be people in Citi LIC come 2020?

New York City is looking at reviving prior development plans for the HQ2 site according to James Padgett the President of the Economic Development Corp (EDC) in a report by AM New York.  Known as the Water’s Edge location, the confirmed pre-Amazon plans included a pair of massive towers (potentially 65 and 50 stories) that would bring 1000+ additional residential units to Hunters Point.   Oh sure, there would also be the requisite new school.  Requisite because with a 1,000 more units…  And some space set aside for a nod to LIC’s industrial past, lest we never forget, but with a 21st century twist.

Anyway, no word on future plans for the Plaxall location, but I imagine the city will greenlight their previous appeal for a zoning change pretty quickly given the Amazon debacle.  If granted the full request it would bring 5,000 additional residential units to Hunters Point including the potential for a 700-foot tower.  Is that really what Jimmy Van Bramer and Mike Gianaris thought best for their community?

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