Gourmia CoolCookers refrigerate first, solving remote cooking’s biggest problem

gourmia coolcookers gournia coolcooker

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that Gourmia’s CoolCooker models coming later this year could trigger a paradigm shift for home chefs. Even people who don’t like to cook but by necessity have to prepare family meals should appreciate a single countertop appliance that deletes an entire step in the process.

Gourmia hasn’t announced pricing or launch dates for the CoolCooker GPCC1960 Pressure Cooker or the CoolCooker GMCC1970 Multi Cooker, but hopefully the wait won’t be too long.

Remote cooking is a wonderful time-saving concept. So far, however, there has always been an inherent challenge: if no one’s home, who moves the uncooked ingredients into the cooker? Whether you’re cooking sous vide, slow cooking, or pressure cooking, in most cases you don’t want to leave the ingredients sitting in a pot all day until the cooking begins at the pre-configured time.

Gourmia made a strong showing at CES 2019 introducing a new smart air fryer, a multi-cooker, and a coffee maker. The Brooklyn-based manufacturer followed up by pre-announcing the new CoolCookers before the International Home and Housewares Show in Chicago in early March. Gourmia will display the new CoolCooker Pressure Cooker and Multi Cooker at the show.

Both new countertop appliances will be controllable with Gourmia’s iOS and Android mobile apps and are compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home devices for voice control.

The CoolCookers have a built-in refrigeration system that will keep meal ingredients at 35 degrees until it’s time to start cooking. No one has to be home, and once the ingredients have been prepared ahead of time, you just put them in the CoolCooker appliance, eliminating the footsteps and double handling of moving prepared ingredients from a refrigerator to the cooker.

The CoolCooker GPCC1960 Pressure Cooker will include Gourmia’s automatic pressure release technology, automatic stirring, and remote pressure management and controlled pressure release. The GPCC1960 has an LCD digital indicator and an EZ-select control dial.

The CoolCooker GMCC1970 Multi Cooker performs 11 different cooking functions in addition to cooling. The GMCC1970’s 6.5-quart capacity is right for medium to large families. With the remote smartphone or digital voice assistant control, you can extend the refrigeration time if you’re running late and still have the meal finished when you arrive home.

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