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My Honest Thoughts: Upright Posture Trainer Review

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with poor posture. I’m such a slouch. You can blame tech, sitting at a desk all day (or being cold – I am the WORST when shooting outfit photos in the cold), but the truth is I’ve slouched since I was a kid. I do a lot of yoga, I stretch, but nothing helps. (Or at least, nothing helped.)


Side Effects of Bad Posture

I think the biggest side effect of poor posture is your state of mind. Ever notice how when you’re sitting tall, shoulders back, you feel better and more confident? YES. It’s also an optics thing; it affects how other people perceive you. Since using the trainer everyday (for a little over a month!) my posture has improved and I notice it more when other people slouch. I was on a date and the guy slouched a LOT – it definitely made him seem less confident and that realization made me even more conscious of my own posture!

The Benefits of Good Posture

The biggest benefit of good posture is increased confidence and happiness – and being perceived that way by others! When you are sitting upright, you look better, you feel better, and other people will perceive you as more confident and self-assured.

Upright Trainer Review

I had been hearing quite a bit about the Upright Trainer. I am certain my phone listens to me whinge on about my posture as I was getting served ads left and right for it. So I finally took the plunge and bought one. I keep getting questions and DM’s about it, if I still liked it, etc. so pushed up my review a couple weeks – I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and really like it so far.

How it Works

The Upright Posture Trainer is a digital posture tracker. It is this tiny little wearable device that attaches to your upper spine with adhesive pads (it comes with adhesive pads + alcohol wipes and you can also buy more).

Every day you are given a “training period.” You start with just a few minutes and work up. You can use it while you sit or stand. You set your posture and sit up straight and then it tracks you, giving you a gentle vibration when you start to slouch. After the training period you can enter a tracking period (I usually do this for the remainder of my time at my desk). There is a smartphone app that it syncs to which gives you a progress report with how you did. The app also gives you push notifications so that you don’t forget to use it!

The tracking period is where it gets really interesting. Because of course your posture is going to be nice and perfect when you’re getting constant reminders that you’re slouching. But what happens when you aren’t!? The device is so lightweight that you forget it’s there. I remember my first day. I did eight minutes of training mode with near perfect results. Then, I switched to tracking mode (no vibrations or reminders) and failed miserably at it – slouching the majority of time. With time though, I got better and better.

Another big thing I noticed that tells me it works is that for the first week or two of “training” my core muscles sore. Sore in a different way than when I do yoga/pilates/ab workouts. Sitting perfectly straight for eleven minutes is harder than it sounds (at least at first – it gets easier if you do it every day and really work at it!)

Cost and Quality

I think my biggest barrier to purchase was that it seemed a little bit gimmicky. Is posture improvement worth $80? ABSOLUTELY. I would have easily paid a specialist that money in a heartbeat. But forking over $80 for a little plastic gadget felt a little bit dumb.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t know anything that works better (besides being disciplined). So yeah, that little piece of plastic isn’t worth $80 but it works. And when I think about how I’d easily pay someone $80 to help fix my posture, I feel better about the purchase.

So… Does the Upright Posture Trainer work??

My honest opinion is YES. The Upright Trainer works. Is it annoying? Yes. There have been days where I’ve almost thrown it out the window because I’m frustrated by how much it’s buzzing me. Do you need it? Probably not – if you are disciplined enough you could easily mimic the benefits of the trainer… sitting/standing perfectly straight for periods of time and watching yourself like a hawk. I will say that using the trainer has made me so vigilant of my own posture that I don’t even really need it anymore. How I’m sitting is now constantly top of mind. But the thing is, I wouldn’t be in that position now if I hadn’t bought the trainer and used it every day.

Have you tried it? If so, I would love to hear about your experience!

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