hello! i finished compiling all of the videos from our camera (and phones) into one place from our week in rome, italy last month! gosh, it sure brought back a flood of memories putting this together of moments and tastes and places which already seem foggy over here in my memory. so so thankful for the easiness of whipping out a phone on occasion and having it hold onto a memory for me (and my children) so we can have it forever. a lot of the footage is shaky because josh and i we often attempting to do most of this with one hand, but this shaky stuff is the good stuff. 😉

it always feels like a lot of work putting together a video when we go on a trip (or anytime, really! my hands often feel preoccupied with babies…. or gelato), but my kids really love looking back and rewatching these videos over and over again (as do i!) and that makes me happy. watching our videos back have sparked other memories from them that i never recorded, but seeing a part of the experience months or years later sometimes triggers something else in their little minds and all of the sudden eleanor or samson are talking about the puddle someone jumped in or that time we swam in the hotel pool or when someone kept making a silly echo sound on a tour! it makes me feel like this is worth it, when they hold onto these and build on them on their own! i am very thankful. this trip couldn’t have been better and i will hold it near and dear forever and ever.

i tried to add some text to this video to call out anything we did or ate that is worth jotting down! there were several places we ate and loved that i didn’t record though, so i will post more details in terms of links to everything in my post with photos for anyone interested.

happy weekend!

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