New York Has No Choice But to Keep Working to Become the Country’s Most Dynamic Innovation Hub

In his latest Business Insider op-ed, NYCEDC President & CEO James Patchett argued that New York City must leverage its greatest asset — its diversity — to remain the top-ranked tech city in the world and continue its upward trajectory as an innovation hub.

While Amazon’s decision to cancel its plans for a new headquarters in Queens was certainly unfortunate, NYC should not lose sight of the fact that the assets which initially drew the tech giant here — a diverse and skilled workforce and leadership committed to executing bold ideas — remain fully in place. That’s why companies like Google are continuing to invest in NYC and expand their footprint in this city of unparalleled opportunities.

To build upon this success, now is the time for NYC to embrace a pro-growth outlook, push back against the misinformation, and take advantage of its key strengths to create an inclusive and dynamic 21st century economy for all New Yorkers.

You can read Patchett’s full op-ed here.

James Patchett is president and CEO of New York City Economic Development Corporation. Follow him on Twitter: @jbpatchett

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