The building housing the now-closed Sidewalk remains for sale on Avenue A

The Sidewalk Bar and Restaurant closed after service on Feb. 23.

As previously reported, hospitality vets Laura Saniuk-Heinig and Alyssa Sartor are taking over the restaurant space. Work on that has yet to begin here on Avenue A and Sixth Street.

The Sidewalk still looks open — from a distance anyway. The lights are on inside, and I’ve seen several people try the front door then peer inside. (The gate is down on the bar side.) The sidewalk cafe tables and chairs are stacked on Sixth Street, seemingly ready for warmer weather…

[Photo from Monday]

In an email last night, Saniuk-Heinig said they’re still ironing out details for the Sidewalk space.

Meanwhile, the building at 96-98 Avenue A remains on the sales market, per a tipster. The listing at Loopnet was first created in November 2017, and last updated on Monday.

Misrahi Realty has the exclusive listing. The current asking price is $11.9 million.

According to the listing, the floor area ratio (FAR) allows for one more floor to be added to the building. And per the listing: “The legendary location has seen many walks of life and now it can be yours. The building is a goldmine in the waiting.”

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