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Ice Roller Benefits – My Full Review!


I am really really excited about today’s post. A lot of the beauty products I talk about here are quite expensive. I know this and I own this and I really do try to find great products at affordable price points (for more on that, refer to this post!!) My ice roller though, is something that delivers amazing benefits, works almost instantly (on ALL skin types) and also happens to be under $20. I teased it a little bit in this post of Amazon favorites, but today I wanted to give you a full review. Spoiler alert. I love it, I swear by it, it makes a huge difference in just a few minutes.

There are a lot of ice rollers out there (I’ve seen them for as much as $50 – what!?!) but I love the Esarora Ice Roller. It’s $16.99. I keep mine in the freezer when I’m not using it so that it’s always ready to go. I should note that the water/ice is encased in plastic so there is no mess or ice melting all over your face as you roll!


less puffiness + a lifted effect

This is the biggest thing for me. I like to use this first thing in the morning (especially if I’m low on sleep or have an early meeting) after completing my morning skincare. As I get older, even one glass of wine or a few french fries shows the next morning – my face can get so puffy! The ice roller immediately depuffs your face in a very visible way. You’ll see it in the photos below.

A more defined jaw line

When I use it, I really concentrate on my jaw. We’re talking the actual jaw bone, and then the skin above and below. It is CRAZY how much more defined my jaw line is after ice rolling.

Less puffiness under your eyes

You have to be careful (the undereye area is so so delicate) but I always use this on my undereye area – again, the depuffing benefits are so major.

Smaller looking pores.

The cold temperature activates shrinkage, making pores look much less noticeable. Of course this effect is only temporary but it’s extremely noticeable.

Long term benefits.

With daily use you’ll likely see that your skin is firmer, less red, and breaking out less. Inflammation is one of the biggest causes of rosacea, acne, psoriasis and (the most important one!?) premature aging. Since the ice roller reduces inflammation, using it daily can help with these things.

Other situational benefits.

I am focusing more on the skincare benefits of ice rolling here but this little gadget is a multi-tasker! It’s amazing for headaches. It’s also great for soothing sunburn. Same goes for sore muscles. And if you’ve had a brow wax (or waxed other areas of your body for that matter), it is very soothing and will help reduce redness.

So… Do Ice Rollers Really Work?

Yes, 100%. I will let the photos below speak. In fairness, I can’t speak to the long term benefits as I have only had mine a few months but the short term benefits are pretty amazing!

Ice Roller Before & After

Here are some (unfiltered iPhone) photos of my face before and after using the roller. It’s pretty dramatic, no!? (The image on the left are before and the right is after) You can really notice a difference in my jaw area. My whole face shape changes and my eyes even look a bit more open.

How To Use An Ice Roller On Your Face

Do it in the morning.

The primary way I use my ice roller is to depuff and energize my skin. Roll it around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw line to reduce any puffiness.

Wash your face and apply your skincare routine.

This is the prep part – you want the ice roller to be the last thing you do.

Use upward strokes.

Concentrate on anywhere that’s puffy or bloated.

Roll for 5-10 minutes.

Honestly, even a couple minutes makes a difference but I think the sweet spot is definitely 5-10 minutes. Do it while you watch the news!

For pimples + inflammation!

It’s amazing at soothing inflammation and taking down redness.

Get my favorite ice roller right this way. I feel pretty confident saying that it will be the best $17 you ever spend.

photography by Carter Fish.

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