New York’s Newest Hottest Bird Is [Needs Name]: Gothamist

When the Mandarin Duck came to town last year, we gave it a name that seems to have stuck: Mandarin Patinkin. Now that New York City’s newest, hottest bird—Central Park’s Great Blue Heron—has gone mainstream (it’s even got a song), we figured it’s time to come up with a moniker of his/her own (since the two sexes look alike, it’s unclear if this creature is male or female).

Here are a few choices we came up with: Gil Scott-Heron, Heron Brockovich, Keith Heron (as a tribute to New Yorker Keith Haring), and Hardof Heron (sorry). We’ll declare a winner here next week, and we reserve the right to pick a completely new name not even based on this poll, because we like to live in the moment. (Please leave suggestions in the comments!)

Here is some more inspiration (along with a more accurate color of the bird):

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