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DIY or Hire an Architect? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!


The Quick Guide to Hiring an Architect
Our Quiz Will Help You Decide: DIY or Hire an Architect?

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You know how you go to a restaurant really hungry, order things that sound good, and then realize your eyes were bigger than your stomach? Sometimes, home renovation projects can be like that too. You hear yourself saying things like, “We just have to take down that wall and move that door frame how hard can it be?”

Homes.com to the rescue! Take this to help you determine when a project gets big enough to call in professional back up. See what you think!

DIY or Hire an Architect?

Write down your answers you’re going to tally your total As, Bs, and Cs at the end.

1. Do you have tools?

a. I have a toolbox…

b. I have a couple fancy saws and things.

c. You could build a garage in my garage.

2. Have you used them before?

a. I measured where the couch would go.

b. I’ve hung pictures and built a shelf one time.

c. I couldn’t tell you which one I haven’t used.

3. Do you have reliable help?

a. My kids are around this weekend.

b. My wife and best friend are pretty excited about this project.

c. I’ve already called my softball team. They’re in.

4. Do you have a hard deadline for this project to be done?

a. I mean, it can’t take more than a weekend, right?

b. We’re prepared to live in the guest bedroom for a month.

c. I don’t want to spend more than two weekends on this it’s softball season!

5. Do you have a clear budget in mind?

a. I figure it’ll take a couple trips to Lowe’s.

b. We’ve saved up a couple thousand for supplies and maybe an electrician.

c. Yes. I’ve saved on labor but am going all in on supplies, permits, contractors, etc.

6. Look at the project area. Are there advanced things, like wires, plumbing, water lines, windows, door frames, walls, or full sections of floor that you plan to change?

a. Sure, but YouTube is really great.

b. Yes, but we can always call my wife’s dad about the electrical stuff.

c. Yup. I’ve got two buddies who are contractors and know how to do that part.

7. Do you know if you need to submit plans to the city or acquire permits for the work you’re about to do?

a. Submit plans? That’s a thing?

b. Um. I Googled it a couple times and should probably visit the city building to ask more questions.

c. My father in law works at the city building he’s got me lined up for all the permits.

8. Are you going for a straight remodel project or are you getting creative (think adding skylights, adding […]

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