Landersville: Important Scoping Meeting On Proposed Gowanus Rezoning Coming Up On April 25

Leave it to NY City Department of City Planning (DCP) to schedule an important meeting regarding the up-zoning of the Gowanus Canal area during a school vacation week, when many families may be out of town. Let us try to stay involved despite the City’s effort to make it harder for us to have our voices heard.
The proposed up-zoning of the Gowanus Canal area is moving along quickly.
Here is the next step in the massive re-zoning, and it is an important one.
The Department of City Planning is holding a very important meeting on Thursday, April 25th, 2019, at Middle School (M.S.) 51 at 350 5th Avenue starting at 4 pm to start the Environmental Review Process for the proposed Gowanus Rezoning. The meeting will go through the evening hours.
This meeting will give local residents an opportunity to identify potential effects that the proposed change in zoning will have on the area’s infrastructure and the environment.
Here is the opportunity, for example,  to ask how the City aims to deal with the additional sewage produced by 20,000 new residents in around 8,000 units since it has not managed to address  the ouflow of Combined Sewage Overflow into the canal under current conditions.
Or how about asking the City if it is prepared to shelter all new Gowanus residents in the case of flooding since most of the rezoning footprint is in a FEMA Flood Zone A with mandatory evacuation.
According to DCP:
“The first step in the Gowanus environmental review process is to get community input on the Draft Scope of Work (DSOW), a technical document that lays out proposed methodologies and assumptions and that identifies the project and the types of environmental analyses that may be performed. The DSOW helps the public understand and participate in the CEQR review from the start and a necessary precursor to preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The DSOW and other documents are on our website.”
DCP will also accept written comments until the close of business on Monday, May 27th, 2019, but it is better to show up at the meeting on April 25th, so please make sure to attend.
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