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White Xanax bar
These are rectangular bars that contain 2mg of active Xanax and go by
the street name sticks. White is the most common color for medications. Tablets of this color are produced by many pharmaceutical companies around the world. It is important to note that the maximum dose of the drug is 4mg per day, so white Xanax bars of 2mg are a very high dose of the drug. This form of the drug produces sedation within minutes of being consumed. The bar shape of Xanax in any color (white, yellow, or green) contains a 2-mg dose. White pills are also available in round, rectangular, oval, and triangular shapes with strength varying from 0.25mg to 2mg.

Yellow Xanax bar

This type of Xanax pill is the generic form of the drug and sometimes has the number 039 imprinted on it. The strength of yellow Xanax bar is 2mg and they are similar in effect to the white colored ones. The street name for this type of drug includes yellow school bus on account of the color and shape. A four-sided 1mg pill and yellow oval Xanax bar are the other shapes and strengths that are available. The 2-mg yellow Xanax bar typically cost $4 each on the street and are considered stronger than the green or white bars.

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