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Every Tuesday Miscelanea is giving away free tacos and Topo Chico


Yep, you read that right. Looking for the best tacos in NYC? How about ones for free? We’re always looking more things to do this spring, and marking our calendar for free tacos just joined that list. 

Miscelanea NY is a Mexican sandwich spot and specialty pantry in the East Village, serving up slow roasted pork tortas with pineapple, spicy, hard-to-find candies like Pelon Pelo Rico and hats that triumphantly read, “Daughter of an Immigrant.” Now, in partnership with Topo Chico, Miscelanea is giving away free tacos and sparkling water every Tuesday. You might be like, “ugh, I never win contests”… this ain’t going to happen for me. Here, the rules are pretty darn easy. This isn’t a radio contest where you have to remember a lyric to an obscure Grizzly Bear song.  Every Monday, Miscelanea will post on Instagram about the chance to win one Topo Chico bottle and three tacos for you and a friend, each. Just tag a mate in the comments! Then, on Tuesday,  Miscelanea will select and announce a lucky winner. The only caveat is that the prize must be claimed that same Tuesday, so make sure you’re hungry for it (correct answer: we’re always hungry for tacos). Offer lasts ’til the end of 2019, so you’ve got lots of chances ahead of you.

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Miscelanea NY is located at 63 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003.


Photograph: Courtesy Miscelanea NY


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